New starts are hard
Especially when
The soon to be past
Is so sweet
It makes for
A biter goodbye
With tear filled eyes
And a wrench in your heart
With prayers and hope
That this truly is
The path your meant for
Led by faith
Not selfish desire
Now to walk
Through a new door
And crack shut the old
For its everything I’ve become



Early winter
Early November
On a cheerful Friday
And strangely awake
Up since 4
Only to watch
A too perfect
Christmas movie
For my heart is now filled
With joy and spirit
With the love of Christ
Even though
In my depths
This season not appreciated
Except for the purity
Of fresh snow
To see it fall
And melt my soul


Life is but a race
With no finish line
A constant go, go, go
Athletic shoes worn to the sole
As each month flies by
Distant to the prior
Like an Olympic runner
Skipping on each one
Like rocks to cross a river
When on when
Will there be a water break?
To breathe and take life in
For this race keeps getting quicker
And small things pass by
Without time to spare
Since it seems
After each days necessities
Comes much needed rest
Only to start again


Easily smitten
New with excitement
Clean without resentment
Two nights cuddles
So unlike me
Aggressive prosistent kisses
As I hold myself back
Never to remember
Kisses so great
fun and addicting, and
No cliche inteded
But I think I’m falling
Though I worry it to soon
And fear disappointment if so
Curse me and my smitten self