Letter Poem (Smartphone vs Humankind)


You poke and prod
and tap my life away.
You hold me dearly
on occasion drop me;
thankful for my rubber case
my glass heart protected.

I’m sick of being held
fingers tapping my keys,
can’t I go on break now?
I’ve been working for how long?

Can’t you just let me stream,
kick up my stand
and let the videos play?

Drained of energy,
I feel sick
from the motion of these games.
Whoever thought it to be thrilling,
to tilt left and right
while Doodle jumps?

Your parents are annoying.
They remind me
to tell you to start dinner.
Don’t get me started
on your friends
their infinite texts,
or your alarm that wakes me up
telling you to be on your way.

In the mornings I just want to tell you,
to beg,
five more minutes.
But you unplug my charger
as the day again wears me out.
I shut off.

Life just can’t go on,
I need some me time.
You’re the clingy person in this relationship,
the one that suffocates.
I’m telling you this for your own good.
It’s you not me.
Try and get on without,
it’s just not healthy, for your world
to revolve around me.

Smart Phone

RE: Smart Phone

Get used to being held.
I have paid too much
not to touch you
every single moment.
You are my child,
listen to me.
Follow my commands
don’t freeze up,
don’t you force close apps,
don’t shut down randomly
like a power outage.

I can tilt you all I want.
Don’t think you have rights.
My friends are more important
than your feelings.
Jeez I thought you were an android
not a feeling-bot.
There better be a recall.
You’ve offended me
plus your attitude,
is not appreciated.
When I hear Smartphone
I don’t want a Smartmouth.
I’ll detach your battery
then you’ll be sorry.

A Member of Humankind

~Another one from Creative Writing!


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