And life could have went on
Grey blurred weeks
Happiness only when busy
With lots of void time
Only to remind
Of all the nothingness
How I pretended and hid it all
One tornado to end it all
As one more sea of darkness
Was on the bounds of sweeping up
And on the next day
Sunshine came to stay
     you changed my life
     my overall perspective
     the one I hid
     now shared with you
     in our one heart




From you to me
Clouds of candy
And streams of sweetness
My sugar coated life
What could be more
All the colors in the sky
All the stars in the galaxy
All the brightest days
Dull to you
Fascinated by beauty
Dumbly in love
As the imaginary chorus
Sings and rings
Sweet melodies in my head
With dreams to sleep and live
To you from me