Last page
Of this here journal
Sad but glad
For I’m excited to start
New challenges
And learn more
So today I say
Not an end
But a fresh beginning
One of greater possibilities
Though problems bigger
I’ve been prepared
With all these pages
I’ve filled
Now the past
Move on and changes
More ways than one
Shall be glorified
Like spring after winter



If only you could see
And yet I feel as if
You have peered inside
Seen the depth of my soul
For my eyes hide meaning
As do my words
Carefully chosen
Sometimes added
Secret messages
Only for those
Who could figure
Perquisite being
Deep understanding of me
For I wonder if you have
But choose not to reveal
What you may have sighted


Love described
Always prefect
Yet untrue
For even I
Lie with words
Say I’ve never
     been wronged
     by that one
However so I have
Although I forgave
And pushed aside
For anger not can I
As all the flaws
     you could possess
Are worth it
Due to fact
     with you
I feel such a thing
What one would call
     describe as love