New Years Eve Engagment

New years eve, some party, some cherish quieter times with loved ones; this a story of the later. The two love birds had been snuggling watching a movie together in the warmth of their home after some fun board games. It was just after 11:30 p.m. and she asleep he nudged her awake so she could welcome the new year with him. As she rubbed her eyes coming to consciousness he went to the kitchen to grab some wine. He set the two glasses on the coffee table as she look at up at him with her lazy loving eyes. Now only a few minutes before midnight he went to get some dessert in the kitchen as they were both sugar fanatics. Coming back she looked at him confused as on the plate she could see two cupcakes, one for each of them. But on the one was a candle. He saw confusion matted on her face and told her to blow the candle out as he placed the plate down on the table and keeled on the floor. Closing her eyes she blew it out and then looked up at him still perplexed. In a soft spoken way he told her “I want to start the new year with you and forever more.” She looked back down at the cupcakes and the one’s frosting said ‘marry me’ on it. Overjoyed she looked back up at him speechless and he pulled out the ring and placed it on her finger. It was the start of a good year.


~Just a small cleaver story I thought would be so sweet.



Past I ponder
On the year had
And can’t imagine
How much growth
I’ve obtained
So many aspects
Of my life
So different from prior
And who’s to say stop
As life is a continuing journey
For I truly have found
My path
My loved and cherished
My importance
And my whats important
And younger self always wondered
What those all were
Now here I am
Of 21
Having solved
My mystery — of life