NaPoMo Day 1

“For some, the anxiety becomes charisma”
How true it is
When my stomach boils
Yet left uncooked
Boredom sweeps over
More stress and anxiety
Faster the heart thumps
Edgy in words
Stomach in knots
Such ill effects
But happy I am
Busy with anxiety



The beauty of two
Not one but two
Children are gifts
Touch hearts of mothers
But love too is a gift
Between man and women
They spark a flame
Two bodies united
Shared is the melt of the world
Of common bond
Wax molded
In various scents and colors
A mosaic of passion
For lovers burn bright
Bright for each other



Just when you do
all is lost.
In the corner,
on the street,
under the covers,
a mystery to be found.
On my walls
in my dreams
all I see
are wanted posters for me.

Don’t worry who you are,
for many feel an orphan
just in need of roots.
Travel down the stem,
beneath the surface
where everything lies,
a pond of talents awaits.
Drink the water,
receive many riches.

Life is a change
constant as seasons,
cold and unknown,
in need of sweetened sun
that washes negative images aside.

A Dark Memory

In this room I’m but a speckle
Surronded by crystals and paintings
Dim of light, the broken lamp lies
Bulb cracked, lampshade twisted
All I manage is to lye
Covered in bruises, rolling tears
Hidden by the black leather chaise
My heart thuds in fear of you
Your expensive charm no longer hides
Such a horrid inside
Stop convincing me your that porcleain doll,
Ontop the wooden stool in the corner
For I now know
Who you truely are

~The bold words were starting words I used to create this fictional piece.