Change so funny
For once everyday
Now cease to see
And although thought
It’s almost imagined
As memories seem
Miles away
Me lost
Without your guidance
You knew me best
Better than myself
How I held you special
For you took me under
Apart, I’ve been prepared
To ride without you
A training wheel in life

But I do miss
What had to end



Bogged down
In river rushes
Of wants
And past love
From one untold
Truthfully unknown
Never a chain to link
Only questioned
As your my charm and pendant
And will remain
Special in my heart
For all you’ve done
And for who you are
A betterment in my life


Weeks on edge
Shuffling round
No rhyme of why
Lifeless frustrated
For gray a day
To realize why
One trip out in rain
That all such stress
And failure felt
Due to future worries
Dreams and goals
As instead of
Living life now
Learning from such
Questioning questions unknown
Wondering why I do not know
Having self pressure
To answer and force
Where I want me and others to be
But this is present
To learn and enjoy
To grow before dreams
Take me in upcoming future


If I look just right
All I can see
The big red leafed tree
With the chimes
Followed by the white blossomed one
With green grass and bushes between
Catching sunlight
Seen by shadows
And I can pretend this is all mine
Only friends of birds chirping
And squirrels scattering
But then are houses among
Just adjust your angle inside this window
For I’m not alone
Life must go on
If in this tiny piece
Of lovely nature solitude