Past memories forgotten
Erased like chalk
Even this hand
Who witnessed the hand-strokes
Can only see whats left….
White dust cloud on top black
Does that make me weak,
or strong?
I don’t believe benefits
Of past living
Though then others could challenge
I’m not dealing properly
But could this be betterment
For I’ve proved I can move on….
As my heart carries
Yes and nos’
Even if I can’t
Formulate the words to say,
or remember why



A little checkered dress
Black and gray
With black tights to cover
Bear legs
On top black cardigan
To protect and cover
From winter’s chill
All paired with – a
Royal purple scarf
Flowing in bulk
Down like a river
For a splash of color
To match the flashy crystal balls
Seen by hair up by a bun
With curly tendrils
Breaking loose

So comfy
Yet pretty


Jokes made
But are they really?
Curious of, your insight
For what do you see?
Do you know what I not?
For I see black and white, no
Though you’ve mentioned, asked
Only a few to count
Maybe snugly like a panda
Yet no, no matter what
You view between
And would you want?
Think good or concerned in the middle . . .
Or am I denying such jokes?
As it is, heavily in mind
The words you’ve spoken.