Weeks on edge
Shuffling round
No rhyme of why
Lifeless frustrated
For gray a day
To realize why
One trip out in rain
That all such stress
And failure felt
Due to future worries
Dreams and goals
As instead of
Living life now
Learning from such
Questioning questions unknown
Wondering why I do not know
Having self pressure
To answer and force
Where I want me and others to be
But this is present
To learn and enjoy
To grow before dreams
Take me in upcoming future



Stress and fear–
Of future happenings
Of future mistakes
For I’ve been
Weighed down
Saddened and afraid
With so much worry
And turmoil to stomach
So unhealthy
Happiness stored, locked away
No more I say!
I have potential.
As roadblocks
Shape one to grow…..


Wonder floods through
As I can’t bear to let go
Curious if I do
Future will behold my dream
May it I hope
You shall be mine
For I’ve never met
A mirror I can relate
So similar yet differences around
I can’t help but to think
A good match we would make
One day just maybe we will
Be together for eternity to live out