Change so funny
For once everyday
Now cease to see
And although thought
It’s almost imagined
As memories seem
Miles away
Me lost
Without your guidance
You knew me best
Better than myself
How I held you special
For you took me under
Apart, I’ve been prepared
To ride without you
A training wheel in life

But I do miss
What had to end


Past I ponder
On the year had
And can’t imagine
How much growth
I’ve obtained
So many aspects
Of my life
So different from prior
And who’s to say stop
As life is a continuing journey
For I truly have found
My path
My loved and cherished
My importance
And my whats important
And younger self always wondered
What those all were
Now here I am
Of 21
Having solved
My mystery — of life


Blissful in spring
As the clock ticks
A new day here
And so are you
Lights that glowed
Now off though the moon
Shines through
As does cool breeze
But I am warm
Back towards you
Arms wrapped round
We both linger
Not a dare to move
Relaxed by another
Cuddled in solace
As new emerges
The day and us
For everything
Life becomes