Early winter
Early November
On a cheerful Friday
And strangely awake
Up since 4
Only to watch
A too perfect
Christmas movie
For my heart is now filled
With joy and spirit
With the love of Christ
Even though
In my depths
This season not appreciated
Except for the purity
Of fresh snow
To see it fall
And melt my soul



I was in light
The light shone within
Yet with you
The light turned
Darkness now surrounds
I miss the bright
When I smiled…
In the beggining
Where did it go now?
As it seems
Just when I found
My center of peace
It was taken away
Dark to light and back again


Easily smitten
New with excitement
Clean without resentment
Two nights cuddles
So unlike me
Aggressive prosistent kisses
As I hold myself back
Never to remember
Kisses so great
fun and addicting, and
No cliche inteded
But I think I’m falling
Though I worry it to soon
And fear disappointment if so
Curse me and my smitten self