Red leaves
Upon warm colors
Soft green grass
Chirps to ring out
Like a church choir
Bright eyes reflected
Not yet weary
Coffee is hope
Along with God’s word
That all these pleasentries
Will spill over
Flooding and staining today
For all I want
This grain of happiness
Numerous as sandy beaches
And to walk in His light



Past memories forgotten
Erased like chalk
Even this hand
Who witnessed the hand-strokes
Can only see whats left….
White dust cloud on top black
Does that make me weak,
or strong?
I don’t believe benefits
Of past living
Though then others could challenge
I’m not dealing properly
But could this be betterment
For I’ve proved I can move on….
As my heart carries
Yes and nos’
Even if I can’t
Formulate the words to say,
or remember why


What do you see,
when you look in theĀ  mirror?
Proud today, for what I would say
Maybe it’s the coffee speaking
But mood would have it
A beautiful girl stares back
Eyes glistening, fun filled
Positive energy, motivation packed
With a ‘I’m worth it’ attitude
And one ready to conquer and combat
The world and personal desires