Weeks on edge
Shuffling round
No rhyme of why
Lifeless frustrated
For gray a day
To realize why
One trip out in rain
That all such stress
And failure felt
Due to future worries
Dreams and goals
As instead of
Living life now
Learning from such
Questioning questions unknown
Wondering why I do not know
Having self pressure
To answer and force
Where I want me and others to be
But this is present
To learn and enjoy
To grow before dreams
Take me in upcoming future



Don’t know
What to feel
What to do
To let it out
Pent up
And bent up
Whats with this
No clue why
As I pace
Back and forth
Is it more or less
Than my mind
So many thoughts
So many dreams
So many wishes
And me to question
All thats meant to be
Left alone for another day


For I’ve grown to the point
Know and love myself
For everything I am
Though always strive for better
Yet I’ve come to accept
That I’ll never please everyone
That my opinion is what matters
And here you are, make me question
What you see and why you like me
As I feel like so few partake
In my feelings I have for myself
Wonder what I did for you to see
The light within my soul