Bogged down
In river rushes
Of wants
And past love
From one untold
Truthfully unknown
Never a chain to link
Only questioned
As your my charm and pendant
And will remain
Special in my heart
For all you’ve done
And for who you are
A betterment in my life



Such a difference
You have brought
Like no other
Oh so special
And I wait
Anxiously dream
For next time
As I sit
Window open
Out at green
Blossoms and sun
With a sing song of birds
All while I talk
With praises to God
In this bubble of happiness
I’ve been graciously gifted


Love within
More infinite than
Grains of sand
For everyday I walk
With God in heart
Though I admit
Alone I feel at times
With want of someone
Earthly to care
Faith I lean on
Settle for no less deserved
Trust that God will
Bless me with
Special a friend
When His time
Right in moment
Physical human love


In the mirror
These eyes stare back
Saddened expression
Emotions deep
Rushing out and over
Broken apart
Here is a girl
Filled with confidence
Who knows her beauty
Along with worth
But questions it all
As no one else views
Nor truly cares
Never special to anyone
So though her image
Superb to her
Tears loom over
No other sees
Just wishing
Someone would care
And see her
As she herself