For I’ve grown to the point
Know and love myself
For everything I am
Though always strive for better
Yet I’ve come to accept
That I’ll never please everyone
That my opinion is what matters
And here you are, make me question
What you see and why you like me
As I feel like so few partake
In my feelings I have for myself
Wonder what I did for you to see
The light within my soul


Side by side
Stand next to you
No looks no talk
Just close proximity
So others won’t notice
Though through our banter
Somehow we earned badge of
The fight like an old married couple
How I wonder now
Your reaction and expression
To such an unruly comment
As now we put distance between
From unwanted attention


Wonder floods through
As I can’t bear to let go
Curious if I do
Future will behold my dream
May it I hope
You shall be mine
For I’ve never met
A mirror I can relate
So similar yet differences around
I can’t help but to think
A good match we would make
One day just maybe we will
Be together for eternity to live out